Training & SPA Management

We provide the best experience with valuable spa management skills

With every passing year, the spa industry is experiencing immense growth all over the world . If you are part of this industry, then you might want to consider us to incorporate certain professional managerial techniques to make your business even more successful. As a company leading a good spa brand, following and implementing certain spa management tips will help your businness to be ahead of your competitors. Work which is organised and well managed enables us to give the best services in a niche business market. Effective spa management requires us to follow and implement a few number of tips and tricks, in order to contribute our best in the health and wellness industry. This may consist of educating your employees, enticing your customers to come back, providing state of the art services, etc. Here below we explore some key sections and spa management tips.

Plan out our strategies

Where we want to see your spa business in the next decade or so? How we can reach our desired target audiences? Of course such questions need to be answered if we want to build a good spa service providing brand. Always matrix remembers to combine strategy planning with building up the business. In this way, we can always ensure we have a few options to rely on, if by chance things do not happen as desired. A strategic plan involves parameters such as variety of services provided, uniqueness of services, brand visibility by our potential customers, and many more.We will strategize most of our plans right at the start of your brand building.

Give the best training

This is perhaps the most overlooked factor when it comes to the industry that involves health and wellness treatments. There might be hundreds of spa brands (at least well known ones) spread across the world. But, what makes them stand out from the rest? Of course the type of services provided is the answer, but this all rests on how well a particular business’ employees are trained in this sector! Always remember that a good spa business requires employees to be trained accordingly to the international standard. Such training does not only makes them feel comfortable with the equipment used and services provided, but also helps them from the perspective of interacting with the customers, thus attracting positive word-of-mouth and even greater customer audience. The latter part is a critical part of any training as it’s very important as we would want to make our customers feel comfortable and at ease. Training employees, increase their knowledge and improve their confidence in handling spa wellness treatment and your business will flourish!

Invest in Suitable Equipment

We will advice you to invest in the right type of spa equipment for your business. This aspect is particularly important if you have just started with your spa business. It is not necessary to invest in very high end and costly equipment. Instead the equipment we choose should be perfectly suitable for your services. we will also need to check whether you have the suitable space for placing the equipment. Keeping in mind your budget allocations for equipments, taking into consideration investments required for the business, would also have to shell out money for other spa operational and marketing aspects.

• Take Help from Professionals

Are you worried about how you are going to make your spa brand popular and attract customers? Well, you are not alone, as there are scores of other brands struggling to achieve the desired acclaim in the wellness treatment industry. In this case, you might want to approach a third party spa consultant businesses(Matrix), who can effectively guide you to set up your brand.

Promote Offers and Packages

“People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” This is not only relatable on a personal level, but also makes sense in the context of spa branding. Matrix will manage to make your customers feel special on their visit to your wellness centre, they will keep coming back.We will do this is by promoting exciting offers and packages. This is because our customers might tend to look out for something extra apart from the regular services, which is possible with the help of these offers. Apart from the above mentioned tips, your business might need an appropriate person who can head an entire spa business organization. As a spa management firm which have good personality and above all, good management skills. Generally our great spa personnels have the following attributes:


A person having an emotionally mature side along with a level headed personality is great for heading a good spa organization. This is because being emotionally stable can help the person to properly control and manage the processes.

Recruiting Skills

Matrix have it in itself to manage the recruitment of appropriate and qualified spa employees. The benefits of this include providing quality services so that maximum customers are retained.

Expense Management

Spas and similar wellbeing treatment centres are costly businesses. This especially exists in case of luxury resorts and 5-star hotels. If you are planning to look for a firm which can manage your spa firm, we will properly know how to handle your expenses. Apart from these skills, matrix fitness will always know how to efficiently perform daily managerial tasks, implement marketing activities, create weekly schedules, From an overall perspective, managing a spa organization is definitely not easy, and needs a lot of patience and skills from entire staff. After all, the main aim which we focus on is to become as visible as possible through our own unique wellness services as possible. And following the above-mentioned tips would definitely help us achieve this goal!

Training & Professional Development

Matrix Fitness is a Registered Organisation which offers the industry benchmark in accredited and non-accredited training programs across Kenya.Matrix has firmly distinguished itself as a leader in the delivery of vocational education to the swimming pool and spa industry. Our effectiveness as educators comes from our broad-based approach to education, which includes not just formal instruction, but a deep understanding and involvement in the swimming pool and spa industry coupled with our ongoing commitment to investigate and determine the areas of greatest need in developing careers paths in our wonderful industry.