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We are committed partners, eager to provide an exceptional experience, next level service and results-based solutions.Matrixx Fitness has scalable programs and systems created to inspire and engage the communities we serve. With our diverse offerings and expertise in commercial, multi-tenant, corporate, community and medical fitness centers, you’ll always get the benefit of tried and true best practices and programs, customized to your unique needs. We are eager to be of service and are looking to succeed with partners like you. Matrix Fitness as one of the leading corporate fitness companies in the industry, we will be able manage your a corporate gym in simple ways

Fitness & Wellness Management

Every fitness center, campus and community is different. But the goal of engagement is the same. When you hire Matrix Fitness to manage your fitness or wellness center operation, every action and decision is based upon member engagement. Our inspiring environments, exceptional service, meaningful relationships, local community focus and innovative programming yield the highest participation rates in the country.

our goal is to put the “community” in community fitness center. Depending on the size of your space and the market you’re operating in.

Fitness Design Services

“Most fitness centers tend to be laid out based on equipment, not based on the user. For example, cardio machines are usually separate from the strength training equipment, even though this arrangement may not cater to how people actually structure their workouts. You can avoid this problem by letting us design the facility with the user’s actual behavior in mind. The other aspect we consider is how the layout looks to potential new members when they walk in the door. Programming that speaks to your demographic by keeping families in mind can lead to better member retention.

Our all-star team works with national contractors, developers, management companies and private owners to make the most of your investment. From the layout of the space to the finishes in the locker rooms, we support our partners in every step of design and development process whether building a new facility, improving an existing center or purchasing new fitness equipment.

Corporate Wellness

We understand that attracting and retaining your talent is a high priority in a competitive job market. Count on us to make it our priority as well. Our fitness and wellness management model enables us to provide an enhanced, sophisticated, and technology-supported corporate wellness offering to encourage a healthy, happy and ACTIVE workforce. Since 2000, our expertise and innovative wellness solutions have delivered real results to our Bay Area partners for companies of all sizes. From employee memberships to onsite fitness programs and online wellness resources, our customized offerings empower healthy, happy workforces. Your employees will thank you for a comprehensive benefits package. You’ll thank us for fewer sick days, higher productivity, and improved morale. We engage employees in healthier lifestyles activities both inside and outside the fitness center with participation rates at 50% higher than the industry average

We analyze your target market.

You can’t successfully market to your community if you don’t actually understand who lives in your community. We find out how many families live in the area so we know how many members will come in to workout. If a lot of seniors live close by, we think about the programs, classes, and even equipment that will best serve them. “There are certain reports we can also run that tell us more about the segmentation of who these people are, what they like, where they come from, how long they’ve lived there, what do they spend their money on, what are their hobbies. “We encourage people to call us and have us do that for them. Those are the building blocks. That’s the very first thing that has to be in place.

Medical Integration

Matrix Wellness operates medical fitness centers across the country that offer services you would see at most community health clubs but we’ve also partnered with health professionals to offer health coaching, physical therapy, medical weight loss, soft tissue therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and postoperative cancer fitness. Specialized exercise, nutrition, mind body, and educational programs are available to help members and non-members address chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. We take an active role in the communities we serve not only in the education and management of these conditions, but we also make an effort to give back to the community by donating our time to fundraising efforts to assist in the treatment of many of these medical conditions. Matrix Wellness has designed and developed more than 10 fitness centers across the country. Our extensive fitness industry experience operating commercial, multi-tenant, corporate, community and medical fitness centers has taught us to pay close attention to all the little details that make an exceptional fitness environment while upholding the latest safety standards, and we can help you do the same by:-

1. Assess the needs and interests of the members/ employees for a gym

Conduct a quick and easy survey to identify healthy living habits amongst your team. This can then be supported by a physical test on a sample group to measure some basic fitness indicators. Employee involvement is important in our planning process, and a committee should be created that will aim to ensure the needs and interests of all the employees are considered and that the programme is responsive to the needs of potential participants. Buying in from senior managers will be essential. Get their support and identify a champion early.

2. Develop mission statement and objectives

Create a mission statement and a clear set of objectives that are specific and measurable. What do you want your corporate fitness programme to achieve?

3. Create a timetable and budget

Timetables should be set for club development, and an opening budget allocated for the setup of the fitness Centre (build and equipment) and the wellness programme should be fully costed on a per employee basis.

4. Space plan and facility design

The first thing that comes to mind when starting a new fitness center is the equipment; and, like bathrooms in restaurants, locker rooms tend to be an afterthought. However, People are more vulnerable in any of these facilities in a locker room.” Remember, everyone battles with insecurities about his or her body, and if your privacy rooms don’t make members feel comfortable and safe, they probably won’t enjoy coming back.

The space allocated needs to be reviewed, and a design plan created that can both deliver the operational objectives and work operationally.

5. Equipment specifications

Fitness equipment and other set up fixtures and fittings need to be specified and costed.

6. Consider management options

We will deliver a comprehensive management solution which will becomes a true health care partner.

7. Set up incentive schemes

Incentive schemes can build motivation by offering individuals rewards for getting started and adhering to a healthy living programme. These could include merchandise awards or even additional time off. Discounted health insurance premiums could be negotiated for regular attendance.

8. Promote the facility -

Once we know more about who your target demographic is, we think about how best to engage those people. “If someone is participating in three additional programs or services within the center, they’re more likely to be successful, and they’re more likely to stay a member longer,”

The programme should be given a brand and theme that supports the company’s values and helps give the initiative an identity. Posters, leaflets and direct mail will form the core of the communication plan along with outreach ideas in common areas. The intranet site should be developed to include information about the company’s health care strategy. The best marketing will of course be word of mouth referral from fellow members/employees.

9. Implement the programme

The fitness Centre should be much more than just a gym and whilst being the focus for the company’s wellness strategy will also be a place where employees can socialize and develop team spirit.

10. Evaluate-

The programme should be assessed periodically to assess its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the goals that were established. Both the process and outcomes should be measured and costs considered.

11. Hire the right staff to manage the fitness center

Having a fitness center unstaffed will save the organization money, but it opens it up to liability, less engagement and much lower participation. Fitness centers need a dynamic energy and vibe that is welcoming to the members, and that must come from personal engagement. The staff is also a critical part of executing new fitness initiatives and wellness programs.

12. Create a comprehensive outreach strategy-

It is easy to stay within the four walls of the fitness center, but outreach is crucial. Bring the fitness center outside of the gym. Create open houses to show off the fitness center to potential members, create new “offerings” that excite members like a self-defense martial arts class, or set up a health assessment booth outside of the fitness center to take blood pressure, body fat and resting heart rate. Impactful messaging and communications will help to support these initiatives

13. Develop ongoing fitness programs and initiatives-

To keep the fitness center engaging, it is vital for the on-site staff to create competitions and other programs to engage the current members. By enhancing the experience for current members, the fitness center will grow organically. Challenges are a great way to drive engagement, and make sure they appeal to a larger audience.

14. Network!

This is probably the most important aspect of a corporate fitness center. Network with other vendors within the company, cafes, departments, break rooms, etc. to create additional exposure. One of the best ways to network is to have the vendors experience the fitness center and their programs firsthand.